Ram Shriram

With A Slew Of US Investors, Zimmber Launches Home Service Marketplace For India

A who's-who of big time American investors are bringing the marketplace investment thesis behind HomeJoy and Handy to India -- backing the new startup Zimmber. Ram Shriram, the founder of Sherpalo Ven

Sherpalo Partner Launches $90M India Fund As Ram Shriram, Kleiner Shift Focus Away From India

Sandeep Murthy, a general partner at Sherpalo who managed the firm’s India investments, is launching two new funds — Lightbox Ventures I that has already acquired stakes in 6 startups, and

Everything You Want To Know About The Most Secretive Startup In The World (Next Jump)

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/nextjumppeople-215x129.png" width="215" height="129" /> In the annals of stealth startups, <a href="http://www.nextjump.com/">Next Jump</a> d