Yahoo Gets Dumped By Maxim

The indignity of it all. On top of everything else that Yahoo is dealing with right now (testy shareholders, departing executives, reorganized employees), it also just got dumped by Maxim. The magazin

Quintura Releases Site-Specific Search Cloud Widget

Quintura, a site where you can search the internet with the assistance of a keyword cloud, is releasing a widget that brings the same search cloud to individual websites. Site owners can install the w

Quintura Gets Series A From Mangrove Capital Partners

Visual-based search engine Quintura has taken Series A funding of “several million dollars” from Mangrove Capital Partners, an original seed investor in the company. The capital will be us

Quintura Visual Search Engine Relaunches

At around 8 AM PST this morning, Moscow-based search engine Quintura will relaunch its visual search engine with a new user interface (if it looks like the screen shot below, it’s launched). The