Quintura Gets Series A From Mangrove Capital Partners

Visual-based search engine Quintura has taken Series A funding of “several million dollars” from Mangrove Capital Partners, an original seed investor in the company.

The capital will be used to scale the Quintura affiliate model for site search and build a semantic web index using Quintura’s “neural networking techniques”.

Quintura displays an interactive search cloud of related keywords and phrases to refine and narrow down searches.

The Quintura affiliate program will involve site owners placing the Quintura search cloud on their site with a revenue share model based on paid search placement.

Michael Arrington previously described the site in positive terms writing that he found Quintura “to be useful for research or browsing based search where I am trying to find more information on a given topic”; it’s definitely one of the better offerings amongst the army of new Web 2.0 search engines.