• Hands-on with the Rubik's Slide

    What good is a Rubik’s Slide if you can’t take off all the stickers and convince your mom that you’re a super genius? Interestingly, however, the Rubik’s Slide doesn’t use stickers and it’s actually much harder than it looks. You basically twist and turn the device to move the lights into various configurations and there are multiple modes, including… Read More

  • Puzzle Alarm Clock Wakes You Up, Pisses You Off

    Perhaps physically getting out of your bed to find your alarm clock just isn’t your thing. That’s ok. If you’re more of a thinker, then there’s still a unique, annoying alarm clock for you. This puzzle alarm clock has three puzzle-pieces on top that pop out when the alarm goes off. To shut off the alarm, you’ll need to use that noggin of yours to solve the puzzle. Read More