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For The World Cup, McDonald’s Turns #FryFutbol Into Twitter’s First Globally Promoted Trend

If you've logged onto Twitter this morning, you may have noticed that the top trend is promotion called #FryFutbol. Nothing unusual, right? It's the first day of the World Cup, so it makes sense that

#FailedTechBands Is Funnier Than Most Hashtags, Shows Genius Of Twitter Personalized Trends

"The Black IPs" lol. I follow nerds on Twitter, so rather than just the latest pop stars and sports games, I was delighted to see a <a target="_blank" href="!/search/realtime/%23F

Twitter Promotes Promoted Trends To The Top Of Trends

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-226622" title="a" src="" alt="" />Sometime in the past few hours, Twitter made a subtle, but not insignif