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    INNOVATE2016: How digital can reinvent American government

    One of America’s leading experts on the technology of government is Bill Eggers, the executive director of Deloitte’s Center for Government Insights. Eggers’ great observation, articulated in his new book Delivering on Digital, is that digital technology offers a unique opportunity for American government to reinvent itself. Yes, he acknowledges, the US government often… Read More

  • UK prisons can now get cellphones remotely blocked over suspected illicit use

    UK prisons can now get cellphones remotely blocked over suspected illicit use

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise, really, that mobile phones are becoming an increasing concern among those tasked with policing prison populations. Smuggled in cellulars are being linked to all sorts of decidedly less benign contraband, including drugs, guns and the like. As the Ministry of Justice notes in a release issued today, around 15,000 mobile phones and SIMs were recovered in… Read More

  • Weev Talks About Life In Prison And His Plans To Open A Hedge Fund, TRO LLC

    Weev Talks About Life In Prison And His Plans To Open A Hedge Fund, TRO LLC

    Weev aka Andrew Auernheimer is free. The 29-year-old hacker, released from the Allenwood Federal Correctional Center in Pennsylvania last weekend, has spent the past few days celebrating a federal appeals court decision to reverse and vacate his conviction but took a bit of time to discuss his incarceration and plans with me. To get the big question out of the way: Yes, he’s still a… Read More

  • Prison software sniffs out cell phone signals

    Admittedly, I’ve never been in prison (putting technology bloggers in with regular inmates is NOT safe for the inmates) but I’d undoubtedly try to smuggle in a cell phone and, at the very least, a netbook of some type. Apparently cell phones are a big problem in prisons nowadays and body orifice scanners (see previous coverage here) may not have quite caught on yet. Read More

  • Tip: Buying new HDTVs for inmates right before the Super Bowl makes people mad

    The Boston Herald is reporting that, here in my home state of Massachusetts, “The cash-strapped and over-crowded prison system spent a mind-boggling $76,958” on 117 new flat-screen HDTVs. Read More

  • Yarrr: Four 'Pirate Bay' captains in hot water

    About a year ago, I learned that just because you don’t store copyrighted materials on your server, “facilitating the transfer or consumption” of said material is still a no-no. I was considering building a sweet video player web app (using SopCast) that streamed the Sunday NFL games simultaneously next to each other in a clickable grid that would allow someone to watch all… Read More

  • Prisoners, meet the body orifice security scanner

    Acronyms are fun. In light of that fact, I’m pleased and honored to tell you about the BOSS. It stands for body orifice security scanner. It’s an almost-$13,000 security chair being tested in UK prisons to deter the smuggling of cell phones. Read More

  • Sex Offenders Complain About Removed PCs

    Over in Minnesota, a group of imprisoned sex offenders are pissed off because guards confiscated PCs they were using in their cells/rooms. So like any American, they took it to a court of appeals, only to have it shot down by a judge with half a brain. I’m guessing the court appearance went something like this: Judge: Why should I let a group of sex offenders keep their PCs? Inmates: So… Read More