Price Drop

  • Amazon Kindle back in stock, cheaper

    Amazon’s popular (?) Kindle is now back in stock with a 10 percent price drop. While I still think $359 is a bit steep for an eBook, the Kindle is the best of the bunch. I’ve also just noticed “See a Kindle in Your City“, which is both genius and ridiculous. I can’t recall whether or not I’ve seen anyone in Manhattan with a Kindle and I’m not so sure… Read More

  • German CrunchDeals: 8GB iPhone now only 99 Euro

    Flickr’d via a simple Google search of “apple phone.”
    T-Mobile in Germany is clearing the way for the 3G iPhone by dropping the price of the 8GB model to €99. The offer begins April 7 through June 30 with a 2-year contract dubbed Complete XL. Other plans offer tiered pricing for the iPhone. Does that mean the 3G version will hit July 1? The odd thing is that the price… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone, iPod Touch to get price drop

    There comes a time when I just want to vomit and never ever look at certain topics in the tech/gadget world. That day has come for Apple. Frankly, I’m just sick and tired of the rumors about this and that that seem to pop up every single day. Last week there was a rumor that Apple would hold an event at the end of this month. And now rumors say the iPhone and iPod Touch will see a $100… Read More

  • Redesigned, cheaper PS2 due out in 2008?

    The PlayStation 2 is no doubt one of the most successful consoles in video game history. After recently celebrating its 7th birthday, the PS2 will now undergo yet another redesign in an effort to build-in the system’s power supply and continually trim the overall design down. In addition to a new design, the new PS2 is expected to take a price cut down to $99, making the system affordable… Read More

  • Apple drops price of iTunes Plus songs to 99 cents

    Look at that, 99 cents Apple is dropping the price of iTunes Plus songs by thirty cents, from $1.29 to 99 cents. Not all of the songs have seen a price drop yet, including the only iTunes Plus songs I ever bought (The Knife’s “Like a Pen” set of remixes), but that seems to be just a function of time. All such songs will be 99 cents in anticipation of an expansion of its… Read More

  • UK Gets Xbox 360 Price Drop, Elite This Friday

    UK fanboys on the fence about purchasing a 360 have heard the news they’ve been longing for, price cuts across the board and the debut of the Elite this Friday for our brethren across the pond. The Core system will receive a £20 discount to £179.99 and the 20GB rig gets a £30 reduction to £249.99. That’s it. BTW: If anyone in London wants to show me around while I’m there… Read More

  • Analysts See Further PS3 Price Drop Early Next Year

    It’s barely been a week since Sony capitulated to gamers’ demands and market realities by dropping the price of the PS3 by $100. Two updates to the situation: one, like Vince noted last week, the 60GB won’t be staying around past the summer but its price will live on. Yes, industry analysts—who are never wrong—are now predicting that the 80GB PS3 will come down… Read More

  • Sony Drops The PSP's Price By $30 To $169

    The PSP has pretty much been a flop (remember when retailers told Sony to drop the price or else?), so Sony has officially dropped the price of the portable gaming system by $30. Once $199, the Core PSP pack (which just includes the system itself, AC adapter and a batter) now carries a $169 price tag. This only applies to North America, so European gamers still have to pay what they’ve… Read More