Price cuts

  • Microsoft *finally* confirms Xbox 360 price cut: Elite is $299, Arcade is still $199

    Thank the Lord! Microsoft just confirmed that Xbox 360 price drop we’ve been bleating about for entirely too many days now. Yes, the Xbox 360 Elite goes down by $100 to $299; the Pro goes from $299 to $249 while supplies last (which means it’s being phased out entirely); and the Arcade stays at $199. Read More

  • Target ad shows $299 Xbox 360 Elite, $250 Xbox 360 Pro

    More evidence that the Xbox 360 will be getting a price cut of some sort in the next few days. This ad, from Target, shows the Xbox 360 Elite at $299 (down from $399) and the Xbox 360 Pro at $250. Read More

  • PS2 at $99 on April 5: Reasonably sound rumor

    If we’re to believe some guy working at Kmart (and why shouldn’t we!), the PS2 will finally drop to $99 on April 5. So, if you’re planning on picking one up in the next week, don’t! At least wait till April 5 comes and goes to see if this rumor holds up. Read More

  • Europe to get Xbox 360 price cuts this Friday

    Price drops! To Europe! This Friday! For the three or four of you outside of the US who read, we thank you. Here are the numbers; according to Xbox360Fanboy, Xbox 360 Arcade consoles will drop “to £129 (€179), 60GB Pros to £169 (€239) and 120GB Elites to £229 (€299).” And again, that’ll all happen on Friday. Read More

  • Xbox 360 price cuts confirmed for September 5th

    Confirming the leak from a few weeks back, Microsoft has confirmed that all 3 Xbox 360 models will be gettin’ price slashed as of September 5th. The new prices: Xbox 360 Arcade: $199 (was $279) Xbox 360 Standard: $299 (was $349) Xbox 360 Elite: $399 (was $449) While the price cuts would certainly fuel sales regardless, a key point here is that this dethrones the Wii as the cheapest… Read More

  • Now official: Microsoft to cut Xbox 360 price in Japan, will be cheaper than Nintendo Wii [Update]

    Photo via Wired, bless their hearts</small As we sit here in the U.S. waiting for a rumored Xbox 360 price cut, gamers in Japan already have their good news. Microsoft is expected to announce a ~$75 price cut for the Xbox 360 there, bringing its price to around $182 (¥19,000). That’s even less than what it costs to buy a Nintendo Wii in Japan. Clearly Microsoft is thinking about… Read More

  • The iPhone already gets a new pricing plan in Japan

    Just three and a half weeks passed since the iPhone 3G became available in Japan and Softbank, the phone’s carrier in this country, already made major changes to the domestic pricing plan. Although the Japanese data plans were quite reasonable in comparison with other smartphones, Softbank today issued a press release (in English) in which the company announced a quite significant… Read More

  • Nokia cuts handset prices

    According to a report in Reuters, Nokia has cut prices on many of its handsets worldwide, by as much as 10%. The largest cuts are on the Nokia 5310 and Nokia 5610 music phones and the 8GB Nokia N81. As the handset market faces increasing pressure from slowing economies in the U.S and Europe, Nokia’s price cuts are seen as a move to put pressure on its smaller rivals such as Sony… Read More

  • Nvidia slashes price of GTX 280, 260: Now on par with ATi's prices

    Hope you didn’t buy an Nvidia GTX 260 or 280 in the past month, since their prices were just slashed overnight. The GTX 280, once retailing for $649, will now set you back only $499. Meanwhile, the GTX 260, once $399, is now $299. Or, in scary percentages, that’s a 30 percent and 25 percent drop, respectively. As Devin mentioned in last week’s podcast (and previous posts)… Read More

  • Not iPhone: Sony says "no" to price cuts for the Playstation 3

    It seems the Playstation 3 will not get cheaper anytime soon. Sony’s Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda said today in Singapore the company will not reduce the price of the console for the foreseeable future. According to Oneda, Sony currently tries to improve profitability of its gaming business by lowering production costs for the Playstation 3. Apparently, the company also… Read More

  • Full-page ad showing Xbox 360 price cut revealed: Should happen at E3 week

    That Xbox 360 price drop rumor is gaining traction. This is the full-page Kmart ad; isn’t it grand? More importantly, the flyer where the ad is from is for the week of July 13, which coincides with E3 week. Don’t put it past Microsoft to use the pared down trade show to announce price cuts. Read More

  • Ad shows $50 Xbox 360 price cut

    Going by this alleged Kmart ad, the Pro version of the Xbox 360 is due for a $50 price cut in the next few days (by July 6), dropping the price to $299. The ad, discovered by a member of the High-Def Digest forums, advertises it as a “new low price.” Naturally, it’s Microsoft’s policy not to comment on rumors, so we’re left swinging in the wind. But if the ad… Read More

  • Rumor: 60GB Xbox 360 to be announced at E3

    Flickr’d Trusted Reviews first piped up about a 60GB Xbox 360 back in March, but nothing came of it in recent months. And now TR claims that Microsoft will announce the 60GB version of the 360 at E3, which takes place in July from the 15-17 in LA, with a August street date. This is directly correlated with the price cuts we reported on last week. I’ll be at E3, so we’ll get… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: A bunch of analysts say PS3, Xbox 360, Wii price cuts on the way

    Well-paid analysts in nicely pressed shirts have predicted that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will all cut the price of their respective video game consoles within the year. There’s two reasons for this: one, the U.S. economy continues to limp along like it was shot in the leg by someone who hates economic prosperity and two, the costs of producing the consoles will drop as economies of… Read More

  • Microsoft discounts Xbox 360 in Asia

    In a move to combat Sony and Nintendo in Asian markets, Microsoft has slashed the price of the 360 console between 5% and 20% in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Singapore saw the largest discounts with a 19.5% discount on the 20GB model, which is now priced at about $366. The Arcade version dropped to about $293 while the Elite model goes for about $513. Taiwanese gamers can snag… Read More

  • Sorry, no Wii price cuts anytime soon

    I hope you weren’t looking forward to a Wii price cut in time for the holidays because it looks like it ain’t gonna happen. Nintendo big wig George Harrison said that the company is still selling “everything [it] can make,” so there’s no reason for a price cut. Apparently $250 is the sweet spot for enough people (or maybe the people who are buying the… Read More

  • Microsoft Confirms Xbox 360 Price Cut: Premium Now $50 Cheaper

    Microsoft has cut the price of the Xbox 360, ending months of idle speculation. The Premium SKU’s price drops by $50 to $350, the Core by $20 to $280 and the Elite by $30 to $450. All price cuts go into effect tomorrow, August 8. Read More

  • Circuit City Ad Confirms Price Cuts For All Xbox 360 Systems

    The fate of the Xbox 360 core system is still up in the air, but this Circuit City ad all but confirms the price cuts across all 360 systems. Beginning August 12, the Elite gets a $30 drop to a more affordable $449.99 price point, the Premium edition drops to $349.99 and the Core system now competes with the Wii at $279.99. If the price cuts weren’t enough to get you in the store then… Read More

  • Confirmed: Xbox 360 Slims Down This Fall

    Microsoft isn’t exactly having the ‘Best Week Ever’ but Dean Takahashi has confirmed that the rumored switch to 65nm processors codenamed “Falcon” will indeed be seen in the fall. The switch could possibly end the headaches caused by the RROD, which is costing MS $1 billion to reconcile with its die-hard fans. The leaner and meaner 65nm chipset will not only… Read More

  • Sony Slashes $100 Off PS3

    Despite adamant denials of cutting prices on the PS3, Sony has come clean and officially announced the price cut along with the addition of the 80GB version for the US. The 60GB model will drop to $499 while the beefier version will cost $599 and include a copy of Motorstorm, which will become available in August. Our neighbors to the North will also be privy to the price cut with the 60GB… Read More