• No Escape From Work: Releases AIR and Mobile Applications

    Enterprise microblogging service, which faces off squarely against TechCrunch50 winner Yammer, has made strides to match the accessibility of its competitor by releasing several applications for the desktop and mobile devices. users can now exchange messages with groups of their coworkers using an AIR-based desktop app that looks and functions much like Twhirl… Read More

  • QikCom Adds Its Own Twist To Enterprise Twitter: The TabStore (Invites)

    We now have a horse race for who will become the enterprise version of Twitter. Today marks the beta launch of QikCom, which is aimed at companies that want their employees to communicate with each other privately in a Twitter-like fashion. QikCom joins Yammer (winner of this year’s TechCrunch50), and We have exclusive invites for TechCrunch readers (sign up here with… Read More

  • Why Twitter Needs to Do More

    In case you missed the news, Twitter announced a new election page that will help its users filter all the election tweets across its network so users can find what they’re looking for as soon as possible. Twitter claims it decided to launch the service after seeing a spike in the number of tweets surrounding the election and the candidates. The page is different than your… Read More

  • Takes On TC50 Winner Yammer

    At the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City this week, a new service called launched, which takes aim at Yammer by allowing businesses to quickly create a microblog tool that lets employees send short updates to each other in a manner that’s practically identical to Twitter. Yammer, the TechCrunch50 victor, performs the same basic functions as, but the latter adds a few… Read More