No Escape From Work: Releases AIR and Mobile Applications


Enterprise microblogging service, which faces off squarely against TechCrunch50 winner Yammer, has made strides to match the accessibility of its competitor by releasing several applications for the desktop and mobile devices. users can now exchange messages with groups of their coworkers using an AIR-based desktop app that looks and functions much like Twhirl, Twitteriffic, and Yammer’s own desktop client. For when in transit, these same users can also install applications on their phones. The list of supported devices and mobile operating systems now includes the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile.

The desktop application should be particularly effective at persuading Yammer users to try out As many who’ve gotten into the habit of microblogging can attest, having a simple client that sits in the background while you do other work makes staying on top of messages a much more feasible task.

Details about’s new applications can be found in the company’s official blog post. Our initial review of, which launched days after Yammer this past September, can be found here. Screenshots are below.

Desktop AIR Application


Mobile Applications