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Royal Mail CEO confirms cyberattack downed UK postal service

Royal Mail CEO Simon Thompson has confirmed that a cyberattack is to blame for the ongoing disruption at the U.K. postal giant. The admission comes almost a week after Royal Mail first said it was hi

Royal Mail warns of severe disruption after ‘cyber incident’

U.K. postal service Royal Mail has said it’s experiencing “severe service disruption” following a cyber incident. In a statement published Wednesday, Royal Mail said it was unable to

PayPal debuts ‘Grant Payments’ to shift charitable giving from paper checks to electronic transfers

PayPal is expanding further into the charitable donations business with this morning’s launch of support for Grant Payments, the company has announced. The new product has been created in partne

USPS snubs EVs, Biden with next-gen delivery fleet deal

The U.S. Postal Service is sticking with its original plan to replace up to 90% of its mail delivery fleet with gasoline-powered vehicles from Oshkosh Corp. The decision dashes the hopes of the Biden

US Postal Service exposed data of 60 million users

A broken U.S. Postal Service API exposed more than 60 million users by allowing a researcher to pull millions of rows of data by sending wildcard requests to the server. The resulting security hole ha

Star Wars Postal Stamps On The Way

Though this technically isn’t a gadget, we know every geek loves some Star Wars news! This summer, you’ll be able to pick up Yoda, Luke, and Leia all in the form of postal stamps. To celeb