• Rakuten Is Looking To Acquire PopSugar For $580 Million

    Rakuten Is Looking To Acquire PopSugar For $580 Million

    We’ve heard PopSugar is the latest online content company that Japanese conglomerate Rakuten is about to snap up. These things could always fall apart, but should the deal go through, we’re told it will happen in the next couple of weeks and that Rakuten will buy PopSugar for $580 million. To put this in perspective, AOL bought the Huffington Post, putting forth a combined… Read More

  • PopSugar Acquires Shoppable Photo Startup PICT

    PopSugar Acquires Shoppable Photo Startup PICT

    Content and commerce company PopSugar has acquired PICT, a startup which makes technology that enables users to make photos “shoppable.” With the acquisition, PopSugar hopes to make it easier for bloggers to participate in its ShopSense program and grow affiliate marketing revenues. Read More

  • PopSugar Launches March Madness For Celebrities: PopSugar100

    Sugar Inc.’s flagship celebrity news and photo blog,
    PopSugar, has launched its 3rd annual PopSugar 100 tournament. It’s kind of like the NCAA’s March Madness, except this single-elimination contest is meant to determine who the most popular celebrities are in a given year. PopSugar chose 128 celebrities and divided them into four groups and then ranked them from 1 to 32. Read More

  • Sequoia Invests in Blog Network Sugar Publishing

    Blog network Sugar Publishing (the most popular blog in the network is PopSugar) has raised “around $5 million” in a Series A round investment from Sequoia Capital. Michael Moritz will join the Team Sugar board of directors. No word on the valuation, although I suspect it’s in the $12-15 million range pre-money. Like all good rumors, the source of this one is a venture… Read More

  • Hear About PopSugar Yet?

    If you haven’t heard of San Francisco-based PopSugar yet, prepare yourself. You are going to start hearing about them a lot in the mainstream press. They are a blog network, and more recently a social network, targeting young, hip women (as well as a few guys that want to hang out with young, hip women). PopSugar was founded by husband-and-wife team Lisa and Brian Sugar. Lisa began… Read More