• Analysts think you're going to want to buy a connected GPS in 5 years

    Analyst firm, Berg Insight, thinks that eighty-eight percent of all GPS units shipped in 2015 will have cellular connectivity. This seems like a blindingly obvious prediction to me. Read More

  • Tele Atlas to load realistic 3D city images onto PNDs

    Remember this day. Today is the day that you saw the future of GPS navigation. Tele Atlas has partnered with Norway-based BLOM to provide photorealistic maps to personal navigation devices. So far only 40 cities in Europe have been ported to the service, but many more are scheduled to be released in the coming quarters. Soon the days of having basic 3D boxes to represent buildings will be gone… Read More

  • Dale Jr. Spotter GPS helps with [insert left turn only NASCAR joke]

    The world really does not need this GPS, btw. There are tons of options out there that doesn’t include Dale Jr. spouting off directions to you. However, if you are a Milwaukee’s Best drinking, red F-250 driving, die hard NASCAR junkie, this one if for you, redneck. Read More

  • NAVIGON releases the Rand McNally-powered 7300T, 4300T GPS units

    Navigon got cozy with Rand McNally a few months ago and now we are seeing the fruits of that relationship with three new GPS units, two packaged with the familiar traveling name. Read More

  • Review: The entire NAVIGON GPS lineup

    Short Version: We take a close look at four NAVIGON GPS units that are overpriced but still capable PND. Click on for a review of the 2000S, 2200T, 7200T and 8100T personal navigation devices. Read More

  • TeleNav updates Shotgun firmware, new features abound

    TeleNav’s Shotgun PND is prepping for an update packed with two exciting features that should be launching in the next day or two. The Internet-connected GPS device will soon allow you to record miles driven and rate/review POIs. The data is stored and downloadable (Excel or PDF) from My TeleNav for up to two years. That should come in handy for the road warriors when submitting expenses… Read More

  • TeleNav launches their own PND calls it the Shotgun

    It’s just another GPS, right? Is that what you’re thinking? While it is just a GPS the Shotgun from TeleNav brings a bit more than your standard Garmin. It’s somewhat comparable to the Dash as well, but we all know what happened to them. The Shotgun has a 4.3-inch LCD and connects wirelessly over a GSM network for real-time traffic updates and OTA upgrades: • Restaurant… Read More

  • Garmin Announces Budget Text-To-Speech PND, nüvi 260

    Garmin’s latest entry into the nüvi line of personal navigation devices is low in cost, but fairly full featured. The nüvi 260 can strut around knowing it has text-to-speech capability, which is a huge deal considering drivers should have their eyes on the road rather than squinting at their GPS screen trying to figure out where to turn. Some of you may scoff at this feature because… Read More