Dale Jr. Spotter GPS helps with [insert left turn only NASCAR joke]

The world really does not need this GPS, btw. There are tons of options out there that doesn’t include Dale Jr. spouting off directions to you. However, if you are a Milwaukee’s Best drinking, red F-250 driving, die hard NASCAR junkie, this one if for you, redneck.

The Spotter GPS is your standard PND with a bit of NASCAR influence. Besides the Dale Jr. turn-by-turn voice, special POIs are built-in including: places Junior likes to visit, businesses he owns, and all the NASCAR tracks, speed parks, and team garages. Plus, the Race Shop Tour Route navigates owners to 14 team garages in the Charlotte, N.C. area! Exciting, I know but you do have to wait until May 15th when the $229 GPS becomes available.

Not a Junior man? Chances are that this GPS will come out branded with other drivers too. It’s just a hunch, but extremely likely.