Plume Labs

AccuWeather acquires air pollution startup Plume Labs

Weather forecast company AccuWeather is acquiring French startup Plume Labs — terms of the deal are undisclosed. Originally founded in 2014, Plume Labs has gradually expanded its product offering t

Plume Labs’ air quality tracker is now available for pre-orders

Plume Labs wants to be the definitive startup when it comes to air pollution. The company has built an app, an API and now an air quality tracker. The Flow is a tiny Bluetooth device you pair with you

Plume Labs launches, an API for air pollution

Plume Labs has been working on air pollution for a while. In addition to its mobile app and air quality device, the startup is launching a paid API called so that anybody can add air quality

Plume Labs’ Flow is an air quality tracker to avoid pollution

Just when you thought wearables were dead, Plume Labs is coming up with an interesting wearable device focused on tracking pollution around you. It’s a sort of Fitbit for air quality. The Flow t

This team has built adorable tiny backpacks for pigeons to track air pollution

It’s time to take wearable devices to the next level. <a target="_blank" href="">Plume Labs</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">DigitasLBi</a> have

Plume Air Report Is A Weather Forecasting App For Urban Air Pollution

It's easy to resign yourself to accepting pollution. While you won't stop giant factories, you can do something to reduce the risk of having pollution-related health issues -- avoid excessive exposure