Microsoft goes all in on plug-ins for AI apps

Microsoft aims to extend its ecosystem of AI-powered apps and services, called “copilots,” with plug-ins from third-party developers. Today at its annual Build conference, Microsoft announ

Throttle combines all your annoying emails into one daily digest

What’s the only thing worse than a full inbox? An inbox full of spammy newsletter emails you don’t really want to read. Throttle is a plugin that solves this problem by generating a unique

BiteScore Tells You How Many (Or Few) Rat Droppings There Are In Your Salad

As an inveterate chow hound I like to know if the restaurant I'm about to visit has a) a working bathroom b) PBR c) any health violations. While the first two are deal-breakers - it's not a dinner wit

Review: Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0

<img src="" /><strong>Short version: </strong>Superior Drummer will save you a lot of money if you

Free: TC Electronic M30 Reverb

<img src="" />Did you know the TC Electronic is the maker of stunning reverbs? Well now you can have the M30 reverb plugin for free.

Have you tried out Plex's App Store yet? It's pretty neat

<img src="" />Have you guys used <a HREF="">Plex</a> lately? We've written about the application, which is a Mac-

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