Throttle combines all your annoying emails into one daily digest

What’s the only thing worse than a full inbox? An inbox full of spammy newsletter emails you don’t really want to read.

Throttle is a plugin that solves this problem by generating a unique email address for each purchase you make or newsletter you sign up for online.

Then, all email sent to these addresses are collected and sent to you in one daily digest email. Throttle also makes these emails available on their website, efficiently sorted into dozens of categories.

Since the service generates a custom address for each company that emails you, it’s easy to see what companies have sold your email address. And, if you do notice one of the custom addresses is being used for spam, Throttle lets you revoke access and shut off the custom address with one click.


Interestingly, some marketers have actually found it beneficial for their subscribers to use Throttle, since it essentially guarantees a 100% delivery rate, and a much higher chance of their content actually being read.

The service launched in January, but today is becoming free for all users. Plus, the company is launching a Pro version for $3.99 per month, which supports digests for multiple email accounts, instant forwarding if you don’t want to wait for the daily digest, and the ability to use custom domains.

Throttle’s browser extension is currently available for Safari, Chrome, and Opera, with Firefox in the works. The company is also working on a mobile app, which will be offered to Pro subscribers as a beta version before it launches to the public.