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Nintendo accused of illegally denying refunds on pre-orders in Europe

Nintendo has been accused of breaking European law by not allowing consumers to obtain refunds on pre-ordered games.

Video: PSP accessing PlayStation store demo Here’s a demo of the PSP accessing the PlayStation store in case you guys haven’t hacked your PSP and want to legally download games. On a si

PlayStation Store coming to the PSP

This was surely in the works long before Nintendo made their DSi announcement, but I’ll be damned if Sony wasn’t a little PO’d about Nintendo stealing some of their thunder. Come October 15, in

Some UK PlayStation Store accounts breached

Sony has issued a warning to gamers in the UK concerning “a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PLAYSTATION Store through PCs.” It didn’t say how the ac

PlayStation Network cards getting passed around, could be in stores soon

It looks like you’ll soon be able to buy stuff off the PlayStation Store with a gift card. The PlayStation Network card is making its way around to select journalists/writers/deadbeats, a possib

PLAYSTATION Store goes live: Download PSP, PSone games to your PSP, no PS3 required

Sony rolled out its PLAYSTATION (all caps, like a Japanese heel pro wrestler’s name) Store for the PC today, only you’ll probably ask yourself why it didn’t call the store the PSP On