• Netflix goes with Microsoft PlayReady DRM for upcoming streaming devices

    Looks like Netflix has decided to go with Microsoft’s PlayReady DRM for all upcoming Netflix-ready devices. If all goes according to plan you shouldn’t even notice the DRM being there, but we all know how well DRM has worked in the past. Read More

  • Nokia Signs On To Use Microsoft DRM

    You know what, I’m glad you got an iPhone. Although it’s been over-hyped and talked about for months, at least it doesn’t use Microsoft’s shitty PlayReady DRM. Nokia made the stupid move of signing on with Microsoft to use the DRM on its phones using the S40 and S60 interfaces. Nokia phones tend to be pretty feature-rich, especially in the media department. Introduce… Read More

  • Microsoft Introduces PlayReady DRM

    We don’t need any more DRM at this point in time. We have way too much of it now and it seriously has to stop. There, I said it. But why do I bring it up? Microsoft decided that they need to implement yet another DRM system, this time for mobile phones and mobile devices. Dubbed “PlayReady”, this new DRM system is far more advanced than past Microsoft-designed systems. Read More