Microsoft Introduces PlayReady DRM

We don’t need any more DRM at this point in time. We have way too much of it now and it seriously has to stop. There, I said it. But why do I bring it up?

Microsoft decided that they need to implement yet another DRM system, this time for mobile phones and mobile devices. Dubbed “PlayReady”, this new DRM system is far more advanced than past Microsoft-designed systems. Now permanent copies of files can be made, subscriptions can be setup, and pay-per-view systems can now be used effectively. PlayReady is also file-independent, meaning it can be applied to multiple file-types including wallpaper, ringtones, and e-docs.

According to the article, several carriers/douchebags will be implementing the new DRM system in 2007, including O2, AT&T, Verizon, and Telefonica (guess the two non-American operators, win a cookie!) in the mix. This release of PlayReady comes days after Steve Jobs of Apple recently announced that DRM pretty much sucks and music companies need to stop using it. Is Bill banking on paranoid and greedy companies who love DRM to come to his aid? Only time will tell.

Microsoft adds third, ‘open’ DRM format for phones [Electronista]