platfora raises $100M at a $1.6B pre-money valuation for tools to make AI usable by any kind of enterprise — a startup that has developed an open-source framework as well as proprietary apps that make it easier for any kind of enterprise to build and operate artificial intelligence-based servi

Is big data in big trouble?

We recently saw two critical developments in the big data and analytics space. Tableau released earnings and missed their forecast by $0.05; their stock dropped 5 percent. Then Hortonworks announced a

Platfora Big Data Analytics Platform Scores $30 Million Round

Platfora, a company that helps customers process and make sense of big data, announced a $30 million investment today. The round includes money from new participants HSBC and Harmony Partners with

Andreessen Horowitz Leads $5.7M Round In Analytics Platform For Hadoop Data Platfora

<a href="">Platfora,</a> a startup focused on bringing businesses intelligence from big data, raised $5.7 million in Series A funding 

led by Andreessen Horowitz with inte