• PicksPal Takes $3 Million Series C

    Fantasy sports betting startup PicksPal has taken $3 million Series C in a round that included previous investors Bay Partners and Canaan Partners. PicksPal is a free sports site where people bet on upcoming games, but without the use of real money. Sports covered include boxing, NFL football, pro football, bass fishing, ultimate fighting, basketball and baseball with the site making money… Read More

  • Bet On Anything And Everything With BluBet

    BluBet lets you and your friends bet on anything, while avoiding the rather controversial use of real money in online gambling. On BluBet, players will be able to place bets on anything from Brittany’s sex life, to Facebook outgrowing MySpace. The site is launching out of a quiet beta and is backed with $225,000 from Jawed Karim (Co-Founder of YouTube), Kevin Hartz (Co-Founder of Xoom)… Read More

  • PicksPal Is Beating Vegas Sports Betting Odds

    Last year I wrote about PicksPal, a fantasy sports betting site where well over 100,000 members bet their friends and coworkers on the outcome of sporting events (and they just launched a nifty March Madness site as well). No money changes hands, but top users can win various prizes. It’s all for fun, but the company started selling the top picks of its best users in October. For $10… Read More

  • March Madness Office Pool, Web 2.0 Style

    PicksPal, a fantasy sports betting site, is launching a March Madness game this morning. Picks are made via an Ajax interface by clicking on the winners through to the Final Four. Once you’ve selected winners for all of the games, you can invite friends to participate as well, and create a widget showing your picks to put on a blog or social networking site. Users can also set up… Read More

  • PicksPop – Bet on Pop Culture Stuff

    For-fun betting sites like Gottabet and PicksPal, which combine social networking with betting, are gaining popularity. The success of PicksPal in particular has been stunning. Friends group together and bet on the winners of upcoming sporting events, or more detailed things like the number of touchdowns in a given game. A small percentage of users on PicksPal tend to be correct in their bets… Read More

  • CAPS Takes "Wisdom of the Few" To Stock Picking

    We wrote about a distilled version of the Wisdom of the Crowds idea a couple of weeks ago when profiling PicksPal, a fantasy sports betting site. PicksPal’s new product takes the best fantasy sports pickers and (without them knowing) repackages their advice as a paid service to sports gamblers. It’s done remarkably well after the first couple of weeks. The idea is that if you can… Read More

  • PicksPal Could Disrupt Sports Betting Markets

    Tom Jessiman, the founder of PicksPal, stumbled onto something that could change the way we predict sporting event outcomes. And it could therefore have a big impact on sports betting markets. PicksPal is a free sports site where people “bet” on upcoming games. No money is involved. If they win, their point total goes up and they have bragging rights around the office. Since… Read More