• StatusNet Signs Sh*t My Dad Says For Hosted Microblogging (Public Beta)

    Does the world need more than one Twitter? How about 10,000 of them? That is how many sites are running on the hosted version of StatusNet, which went into private beta at our Realtime CrunchUp last November. Today, StatusNet is opening up its hosted service to all comers in a public beta. You can think about StatusNet as the WordPress of microblogging. StatusNet is open-source software… Read More

  • Phat: Kirstie Alley Launches Phitter To Make You Fit

    Actress Kirstie Alley is venturing into the microblogging world with the bizarre launch of, a Twitter-like community site dedicated to helping consumers share tips on weight loss, dieting, fitness, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Alley has been publicly battling with personal weight gain over the past few years, and even sells her own branded weight loss products. According… Read More