Phat: Kirstie Alley Launches Phitter To Make You Fit

Actress Kirstie Alley is venturing into the microblogging world with the bizarre launch of, a Twitter-like community site dedicated to helping consumers share tips on weight loss, dieting, fitness, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. Alley has been publicly battling with personal weight gain over the past few years, and even sells her own branded weight loss products.

According to a release, is a “phitness phocused community that encourages members to talk, or Phit, about fitness, weight loss, working out, dieting, exercising, and healthy living while making new ‘Phriends’ and having ‘Phun’!” The site lets users write and post messages in 140 characters via the web or SMS. Similar to Twitter, you can send private messages to other users. And Phitter also integrated with Twitter to allow users to post directly to Twitter and to find Twitter friends who have already joined Phitter.

The site’s UI definitely needs some work, but the ambition of the site may resonate with folks who want to share the trials and tribulations of weight loss and fitness. Of course, there’s no shortage of social networks who are trying to serve the same purpose, including DailyBurn, WorkoutBOX, and ZodBod.