ProtonMail now supports PGP encryption with other clients

ProtonMail is arguably the easiest way to send end-to-end encrypted emails. But encryption only works by default with other ProtonMail users. The company is adding full PGP support so that you can sen

Researchers warn of critical flaw affecting PGP and S/MIME

Those who use PGP and S/MIME to send secure emails are being advised to cease using and disable the tools with immediate effect following a major security scare. Researcher Sebastian Schinzel, a pro

ProtonMail adds Tor onion site to fight risk of state censorship

Swiss-based PGP end-to-end encrypted email provider, ProtonMail, now has an onion address, allowing users to access its service via a direct connection to the Tor anonymizing network -- in what it des

ProtonMail’s encrypted email service exits beta, adds iOS, Android apps

As Apple continues to battle the US Government's desire to work around the security of its mobile operating system, European encrypted email startup, ProtonMail, is choosing the latest skirmish in the

Places Is A Sharing Platform That Puts Privacy First

Places is a privacy-centric startup that's building a secure Dropbox-style platform for file sharing and messaging -- but one that has end-to-end, client-side encryption built in. It's currently launc

Proliferation Of PGP Complicates Job Of Federal Investigators

<img src="" />Given that enabling PGP encryption is as easy as ticking a few boxes in both Mac OS X and Windows, it's no surprise that <i>t

Bad RAM: Disk encryption vulnerable to attack

Disk encryption, in its current implementation, is a joke. But it’s hardly the software makers’ fault. Princeton researchers have developed a method to defeat a form of disk encryption tha