Perfect Pushup

Quick hands-on: Perfect Pushup V2

<img src="" />The Fitness Fairy just dropped off the Perfect Pushup V2, from Perfect Fitness. So consider this a quick hands-on, not a ful

Review: Yes, the Perfect Pushup

<img src="" />About two years ago I first started seeing commercials for The Perfect Pushup on TV. The pitch was impressive and seemed perfe

Review: Jack Zatorski's Push Up Pro

Head over to your local drug store and, next to the other crap marked “As Seen on TV,” you’ll find these Push Up Pros – not to be confused with the Perfect Push-up which is ess

The Perfect Pushup: Late Night Hype or Late Night Hype?

Big arms, a ripped chest and cut abs. Those are some bold claims from the Perfect Pushup, two rotating handles that you use to do “perfect” pushups. It was developed by a U.S. Navy, though