Quick hands-on: Perfect Pushup V2


The Fitness Fairy just dropped off the Perfect Pushup V2, from Perfect Fitness. So consider this a quick hands-on, not a full review. (Give me a few days for that.) My first thoughts, compared to the mobile unit I reviewed a few months ago: my God the handles are a lot more comfortable.

So yeah, the main differences here between the first version of the Perfect Pushup (and the mobile one I reviewed) deal with the comfort of the handle and the “spinnyness” of the twisty part. (Technical jargon, I know.) I used it a few times today and the handle is wider than the aforementioned models. It’s pretty helpful, believe me; I’ve been using the mobile unit for months now, and having a wider handle makes grabbing it much easier. The handle itself is softer (like a foam-type material) with grooves, like a Pringle Ruffles. (Edit: I’m a fool, yes. What an odd mistake to make, too, since I always hated Pringles and loved Ruffles.) Now your hands, theoretically, should slip less (but that was never an issue for me).

The other big difference is that it’s a lot more “spinny” this time ’round. That taps into the whole idea behind the Perfect Pushup: as you push up and down, your muscles also have to “fight” all the wobbliness caused by the rotation. The smoother the rotation, the harder your muscles have to work.

The Perfect Pushup V2 came out earlier his month. It’s $40. That’s less than what you pay for your iPhone plan, lol!

Oh, and here’s a pic of the new Perfect Pushup XP that I saw last week. It’ll be available this autumn. The handle detaches and you can use it as an easy access free weight. The handle, as you can see, is also more ergonomically-minded, with contours for your hands, rather than just a straight bar as in the V2 and other models.