Paris Hilton

X loses Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media partnership in latest brand pull-out

Following the advertiser exodus from X, formerly Twitter, over concerns about antisemitic content on the site, X has lost another high-profile brand campaign, as Paris Hilton’s 11:11 Media is al

X’s new plan to lure subscribers? Partnering with Paris Hilton on a custom icon

X has a new plan to boost payers for its X Premium subscription offering and it’s…Paris Hilton. The company formerly known as Twitter has partnered with the entrepreneur and media icon on

Elon Musk’s X to test livestream shopping in partnership with Paris Hilton

As Elon Musk’s X expands its efforts to become an “everything app,” the company formerly known as Twitter announced today it will run a livestream shopping event with media icon Pari

Republic’s metaverse real estate arm spins off, rebrands as Everyrealm

Over $500 million worth of real estate was sold on the top four metaverse platforms in 2021, data shows. Traditional real estate companies are amongst the many investors flocking to stake their claim

Podz turns podcasts into a personalized audio newsfeed

Podz is the latest startup trying to solve the problem of podcast discovery, with backing from investors like M13, Katie Couric and Paris Hilton. “Even though podcasts have gained a lot of momen

Paris is an idiot, but knows a good thing when she sees it

Over the weekend at Sundance, Paris Hilton was introduced to Virgin America’s all encompassing handset and was apparently blown away. How has she not been on a VA flight yet? I take Branson&#821


The comments today were thinner than my patience with Paris Hilton, but once again we managed to pick 3 which were above the rest. Also you guys can send an email to commenter at crunchgear dot com wi

It's iPod Speakers And a Pet Carrier! Hooray!

I’ve done it. I’ve done what scienticians and philosophizors could not: I have discovered a way to make Paris Hilton more annoying. It is called the Beat Generation Stereo Pet, by LifePop,

Banksy's Paris Jam

This isn’t quite gadgety, but it’s great video. This is artist Banksy’s jam on Paris Hilton’s new album, I Do Not Have an Anus, in which he places 500 disks with his own modifi