Pacific Rim

Watch the big baddies get bigger in new ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ trailer

Pacific Rim: Uprising knows how you like your robots: Huge, and piloted by John Boyega speaking in his actual English accent. Also it knows how you like your Kaiju monsters — larger than ever be

ZappyLab Makes It Easier To Experiment

Scientists have it rough. Not only do they have to protect us from giant monsters from another dimension (see Pacific Rim, Cloverfield) but they also have to create reproducible experiments and techni

Skit! Lets You Create Comedy Animations With Characters From Pacific Rim And Other Movies

<a target="_blank" href="!-video-maker/id594262772?mt=8">Skit!</a>, the comedy animation app that <a href="

Pacific Rim Already Has iPhone Cases for You to Fawn Over

Hoo boy, only 11 days until the iPhone’s launch. If you somehow snag an iPhone on launch day, you’ll probably want some sort protective case in order to protect your hot new toy. (‘C