• Lenovo’s new GPS handset, the P990

    Did you know that Lenovo makes phones? We don’t hear about’em very often on this side of the Pacific, but it turns out that they actually have a whole friggin’ lot of’em. The newest addition is the Lenovo P990, a dual-band GMS/GPRS phone being offered over in China. Find out all about it over at Mobilecrunch >> Read More

  • Sony Adds LocationFree TV to P990's Symbian

    placeshifting game in Symbian’s house these days. No, Sony is showing its flagship P990 some LocationFree TV love, as well. Of course, LocationFree TV, Sony’s brand of the same thing Sling does, only works with Sony clients, but that has never deterred them before. The Sony-Ericsson’s P990 is a fanboy’s droolphone (if you don’t know about it, please return your… Read More