Sony Adds LocationFree TV to P990's Symbian

placeshifting game in Symbian’s house these days. No, Sony is showing its flagship P990 some LocationFree TV love, as well. Of course, LocationFree TV, Sony’s brand of the same thing Sling does, only works with Sony clients, but that has never deterred them before.

The Sony-Ericsson’s P990 is a fanboy’s droolphone (if you don’t know about it, please return your club card as you leave) and runs Symbian UIQ, a popular OS everywhere but here. The PS3 will supposedly be hefting Sony’s LocationFree TV with it. It’s fair to say Sony’s hoping people will put them together.

So, if you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford one of these phones and a PS3 (if it ever comes out), then you can watch your TV anywhere. Also, you’d be able to just buy a new TV wherever your travels take you, but that’s not the point.

One day Sony will learn to play nice with other technologies instead of trying to always make its own. Until then, you’ve got your choice of two: Sony, or everybody else, as usual.

Sony-Ericsson announces Location Free TV for Symbian