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Original Content podcast: ‘Dear White People’ returns to ask more uncomfortable questions

Dear White People has a pretty provocative title — and the show, for the most part, lives up to that promise, with a sharply drawn portrait of racial tension at Winchester University, a fictional Iv

Original Content podcast: No hiding from Netflix’s show about killer rain

We were skeptical about The Rain, a new Danish series from Netflix. Not that the trailer was bad, exactly. It’s just hard to take a show with the tagline “Stay Dry. Stay Alive.” very

Original Content podcast: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is even more intense in season two

While streaming and bingeing seem increasingly synonymous, Hulu’s biggest hit The Handmaid’s Tale actually feels like an anti-binge. Some of that is just Hulu’s release strategy, whe

Original Content podcast: Netflix successfully reinvents ‘Lost in Space’

Lost in Space started out as a ’60s TV series, got rebooted in the 1990s as a feature film and has now been brought up-to-date by Netflix . On the latest episode of the Original Content podcast,

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ revival feels surprisingly heartfelt

Netflix’s revival of Queer Eye transports five gay men around Georgia, where they remake the lives of individuals in sore need of their assistance. Each member of the “Fab Five” has

Original Content podcast: We drop by Netflix’s ‘Terrace House’

Terrace House is a tough show to explain. Like The Real World and other reality TV, the show puts a group of largely young and attractive strangers together in a house. But that’s about where th

Original Content podcast: Confronting the tragedy of Hulu’s ‘Looming Tower’

The Looming Tower, a new series on Hulu, approaches the September 11 terrorist attacks from an unusual angle — instead of focusing on the day itself, it tells the story of the FBI and CIA investigat

Original Content podcast: We take a drink with season two of ‘Jessica Jones’

Netflix recently released the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, which finds the titular private detective dealing with unwanted fame and investigating the mysterious organization that gav

Original Content podcast: ‘Everything Sucks!’ overcomes our skepticism

We were pretty skeptical about Everything Sucks!, a Netflix high school comedy set in the 1990s, which seemed to promise nostalgia, nostalgia and more nostalgia. The opening minutes of the premiere se

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mute’ is a big disappointment

Mute is the latest film from Duncan Jones, the director of Moon and Source Code. He’s called it his Don Quixote, a passion project that he’s been pursuing for well over a decade. The movie

Original Content podcast: We welcome the reign of Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’

[protected-iframe id=”1c73c5e2b8d2f83d173ef6156625a95f-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://embed.simplecast.com/e0445383?color=3d3d3d” width=”100%” height=”200px

Original Content podcast: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is eating us alive

[protected-iframe id=”8ceb5c04adc71270a3e14971d3ab3bd9-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://embed.simplecast.com/e259ca2e?color=f5f5f5″ width=”100%” height=”200px

Original Content podcast: ‘Altered Carbon’ is a murder mystery in a body-swapping future

Altered Carbon, released today by Netflix, is adapted from a science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan. It tells the story of Takeshi Kovacs, a one-time rebel who's forced to take on the role of dete

Original Content podcast: We revisit the crime scene of Netflix’s ‘Ozark’

[protected-iframe id=”0dc566001c2a589211f65995dadf6039-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/60d79387?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#822

Original Content podcast: Amazon visits the paranoid worlds of Philip K. Dick

[protected-iframe id=”7bd2041f57e2b80573b7bf6cf3b4ba7a-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/4339b729?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#822

Original Content podcast: Looking into the dark future of Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’

[protected-iframe id=”a1dcebdcda9c834a18b8c8b6b91d4ada-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://embed.simplecast.com/be3600aa?color=f5f5f5″ width=”100%” height=”200px

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Bright’ offers dumb fun with orcs and elves in modern LA

[protected-iframe id=”e8cc2fcf40871665498de39456e75783-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/19198b6a?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#822

Original Content podcast: Confronting the light and dark side of ‘The Last Jedi’

[protected-iframe id=”80c8cb46fe8c613cff67b891e9d89f01-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/27bf5ef2?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#822

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’ offers a somber look at Mississippi in the 1940s

[protected-iframe id=”f9b9683fe501cff533c0c7f17713ddf4-24588526-31035538″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/f1e5c301?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#822

Original Content podcast: We ride with the outlaws of ‘Godless’

[protected-iframe id=”e9e9fd2973c958aaaec000f3a5b18990-24588526-5302483″ info=”https://simplecast.com/e/43647721?style=large” width=”100%” height=”330px&#8221
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