Orgoo To Offer True Webmail To Existing Social Networks

Social networks are, first and foremost, vehicles for personal expression and interaction. But for all the wall posts, direct messages and pokes, one means of communication is conspicuously missing: e

Orgoo Launching Soon; 500 Invites Available Now

Orgoo is an all-in-one communications hub for email, instant messaging, video chat, and SMS that we’ve been waiting quite a long time for. Mike first covered the USC-bred startup in May 2007 bef

Orgoo Throws Hat into Video Chat Ring

Orgoo, the long-anticipated, all-in-one, browser-based communications suite that presented at TechCrunch40 last fall, is releasing a new video chat service to the public today. This comes ahead of a g

TechCrunch40 Session 5: Productivity & Web Apps

Session five as follows, including our live notes. Commentary by Mark Hendrickson and Duncan Riley.  Xobni Xobni products aim to improve the way users organize, search and navigate their email. Xobni

Yahoo Mail Out of Beta; New Features

The new Yahoo Mail interface went into public beta in September 2006, although Yahoo was testing it long before that. Tonight Yahoo takes the “beta” label off of the product and makes it t

Orgoo – The Web Email/IM Replacement

Los Angeles-based Orgoo is a new webmail service that is going to be a popular application for some users. Not only does it emulate Outlook-style desktop mail applications extremely well, it also inte