Orgoo Launching Soon; 500 Invites Available Now

Orgoo is an all-in-one communications hub for email, instant messaging, video chat, and SMS that we’ve been waiting quite a long time for.

Mike first covered the USC-bred startup in May 2007 before you could get your AIM contacts into Gmail. And then the company “launched” at TechCrunch40 in the fall with a presentation that emphasized the importance of aggregating all your means of communication.

However, the only part of Orgoo actually available to the public is its proprietary group chat product. That’s about to change: Co-founder Sean Rad tells us that he plans to launch Orgoo towards the end of June, with group chat integrated as an important differentiator.

Until then, he is offering 500 private beta invites to our readers. Get yours here while they last, and then be generous: users can invite up to six of their friends (or InviteShare peers).

Also see Zenbe for another example of startup-driven webmail innovation, although one that takes quite a different tact by focusing on advancements around email itself.