Optimus Prime

  • Video: The World's Biggest Optimus Prime Statue Stands Tall & Proud In China

    Oh, China. When it’s not trying to pass off Top Gun footage as anything other than a horrible movie it’s building the world’s biggest statue of Optimus Prime. Nothing wrong with that. Read More

  • Transformers in cute: Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as mini robots (Robo Q)

    The highly anticipated Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen is just around the corner and it seems Japan can’t wait to see the summer blockbuster (probably) as well. Takara Tomy is introducing two of the most popular Transformers, Optimus Prime and Bumbleebee, as so-called Robo-Qs. As a reminder, the Robo-Qs are the smallest two-legged robots available. And they are so adorable. Read More

  • 550-pound scrap-metal Optimus Prime costs 7 grand

    And it’s worth every penny. Robot-Models appears to make all manner of welded-steel (wrought iron?) models from Gundams to Gremlins. There is also an insane number of Star Wars models. This selection of Transformers includes quite a large Optimus Prime. Put it up outside to keep naughty Decepticons out of your garden! Read More

  • Optimus Prime transforms into a USB hub?

    It’s been my experience that the vast majority of tie-in products for the Transformers movie from last summer just blow. The jury’s still out on this Optimus Prime head USB hub. Not only does it supply juice and connectivity for up to four USB peripherals, it also has phrases from the movie! Ok, not so much. We’re not even sure if it’s Peter Cullen’s voice… Read More

  • Video: Optimus Prime just wants to dance

    If you’ve never seen Judson Laipply’s Evolution of Dance video then you need to do that before you watch Optimus do it. If you’ve already seen it then keep reading to see Optimus bust a move. Read More

  • Costume Idea: simple, badass Optimus Prime

    I bring you the most amazing Optimus Prime costume I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. Hit the jump to see it in all its Megatron’s-ass-kicking glory. Read More

  • Case Mods To The Extreme

    Nothing screams ‘geek’ like a case mod, but we’re talking LEDs, clear case doors, or water-cooling systems. Modding your case into Batman’s Tumbler or Optimus Prime puts you on a whole different level. Most of us find it badass and make us green with envy. I just want a desktop PC, again. If only I had more time on my hands. Read More

  • Prime Time: Transformers Movie Merch Preview

    We’re still a couple of months out from the premiere of what will perhaps be the most gadgetastic movie of all time: Transformers. And while we’re covering the events up till it hits the screens, it’s the movie-themed marketing gear that’s intersting to CrunchGear readers. Like this Optimus Prime Head Projection Alarm Clock. It’s Op’s head with a… Read More