Opera Mobile for Android

  • Behold Opera Mobile For Android: Speedy, Pinch-To-Zoom, Geolocation And More

    Opera Software has released its (second) free mobile browser product for the Android platform. Grab the app, dubbed Opera Mobile 10.1 beta, now in Android Market or here. Yes, Opera was already available for Android, in a fairly limited way. Opera Mini, has been live on the market since July, but now you can also download the company’s full-fledged browser, Opera Mobile, from the… Read More

  • Exclusive Video: Opera Mobile Running On An Android Phone (TCTV)

    By now, I assume you’ve heard that Opera Software will soon be bringing its full-fledged mobile browser product, Opera Mobile, to Android Market for people to download and use free of charge. The company declines to say when exactly they intend to launch the product, going only as far as to say it will be “within the next few weeks”. The public release of the consumer… Read More