Exclusive Video: Opera Mobile Running On An Android Phone (TCTV)

By now, I assume you’ve heard that Opera Software will soon be bringing its full-fledged mobile browser product, Opera Mobile, to Android Market for people to download and use free of charge. The company declines to say when exactly they intend to launch the product, going only as far as to say it will be “within the next few weeks”.

The public release of the consumer offering was just a matter of time, as Opera Mobile for Android as a product already existed, albeit for Opera’s OEM partners only.

Soon, Android users from around the world will be able to give the browser a whirl.

Note that it differs from Opera Mini for Android, which is a special kind of browser that renders web pages from Opera’s servers rather than natively on the handset.

Opera is running some test builds on select Android smartphones, and this morning I caught up with Opera Mobile & Devices product manager Phillip Grønvold for a quick interview and a demo on a Samsung Galaxy S phone, which I captured on video: