• Oosah: 1TB of music space in ‘the cloud’ for the iPhone

    Oosah, a photosharing site à la Flickr that plays nicely with the iPhone, has a neat little feature that lets you tap into “the cloud” for all your music needs. After signing up for the site, you then upload any time of media to its servers, here, music files. Then you connect to the site using your iPhone and can play back those music files, provided they’re not… Read More

  • Oosah: A Hub for Your Personal Online Media

    Oosah is a self-described “media management system” with a simple-sounding intention: to serve as a one-stop shop for managing all of your online video, image, and audio files. This idea doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in isolation, so Oosah is using the Web 2.0 Expo this week to release a set of integrations with other services. The new integrations allow you to… Read More