Oosah: A Hub for Your Personal Online Media

Oosah is a self-described “media management system” with a simple-sounding intention: to serve as a one-stop shop for managing all of your online video, image, and audio files. This idea doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in isolation, so Oosah is using the Web 2.0 Expo this week to release a set of integrations with other services.

The new integrations allow you to drag-n-drop files between Oosah, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, and Picasa. The Oosah site itself is essentially a free 2GB online storage service with a snazzy, browser-based file management tool. Once you give it credentials to these other content-sharing sites, it becomes a hub of sorts that reduces the pain points to data transfer.

When I first heard about Oosah, I figured it would appeal to the same set of internet power users that goes ape over social network aggregators. But after checking it out, it became evident that Oosah also appeals to the MySpace faithful by making it easy to widgetize your digital media.

In addition to integrating with other services, the site is releasing a new gallery widget to compliment its slideshow widget. Each can be used to embed Oosah-hosted photos and videos onto webpages and social network profiles. These widgets actually strike me as the most useful parts of Oosah, since they equip ordinary people will easy ways to distribute their personal media.

Oosah is angel-funded and competes not only with the online storage services that provide sharing capabilities, but with the Slides and RockYous of the world as well. Also see Second Brain (reviewed here).