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This fintech startup ideally wants to be ‘a lot more boring’ than Robinhood

Soon after launching Ocho, a startup offering personal finance support for business owners, Ankur Nagpal realized that the company’s debut product — a solo 401(k) retirement account &#8212

Ocho wants to rethink (and rebrand) personal finance for business owners

When Ankur Nagpal sold Teachable for a quarter of a billion dollars, he felt lucky. Then, he quickly felt lost when trying to navigate the financial systems of a country he wasn’t born in and le

Mark Cuban-Backed Ocho Launches Its Social Network For Eight-Second Videos

According to Jourdan Urbach, co-founder of social video startup <a target="_blank" href="http://ocho.co">Ocho</a>, "There really isn't anything out there that's just a solid social video platform."