• Grudge match: Fallout 3 vs. Oblivion

    There’s an interesting comparison here between Bethesda’s two major works of this generation, Oblivion and Fallout 3. In the end, it seems Oblivion “won,” although the reasoning is pretty flimsy. Now, I think the idea of a comparison in the first place is flawed, since it stands to reason that for two things to be compared, they must first be different in some way. And… Read More

  • Bethesda to drop a new Oblivion in 2010

    Have you heard the news? Bethesda has started their random fantasy world generator and it should be done around 2010. They’ve upped the detail level to “7” so you’ll need a pair of new graphics cards and Microsoft should be including Bethesda in DirectX 12 talks. Bethesda also included a little jab for Nintendo, saying they weren’t interested in the Wii right now… Read More

  • Coincidence? Video game caught stealing content from Oblivion, other popular games

    To quote Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson, “The most amazing gaming story of the year.” A recently released adventure game for the PC, Limbo of the Lost, appears to have stolen content, including artwork and level design, from games like Oblivion and Silent Hill. The game, developed by Majestic Studios—its [down] Web site is hosted on Geocities!—looks like absolute… Read More