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  • Should Journalists Be On Twitter? Three Quarters Of NYTimes Readers Don't Think So.

    Apparently, the New York Times is still unsure whether its reporters should be allowed to Tweet or not. Intrigued by this tweet from writer and consultant Stowe Boyd, I registered for the New York Times’ Insight Lab, an online community / focus group made up of Times readers interested in providing the media company with direct feedback. The homepage features a quick poll asking members… Read More

  • The New York Times Expected To Launch Local Blog Network On Monday (Confirmed)

    If this post on a local blog about Brooklyn has it right, the NY Times will be debuting a neighborhood blog project next week on Monday. Here’s the gist: Look out, local bloggers, the Gray Lady is moving in on your turf. Starting next week, The New York Times will be rolling out a neighborhood blog initiative starting mid-day on Monday. Our home soil of Fort Greene and Clinton Hill will… Read More

  • Whaaaa??? Apple doesn't manufacture iPods?!

    “Who makes the Apple iPod? Here’s a hint: It is not Apple.” With those 12 words, University of California Berkeley-professor Hal Varian begins an excruciatingly detailed look at where each of the 451 parts that make up the iPod come from and how the countries that supply these parts figure into the United States’ trade deficit. I hate to ruin such a gripping plot line… Read More

  • The New York Times Has Them a Tech Blog

    The New York Times geeks now have a big, old blog called Bits. Bits stands for Business – Innovation – Technology – Society, although I’d have preferred it if it had stood for Bionic – Infant – Terrorizing – Syborg. How cool would that be? It would be like a cyborg, but with an s. Let’s all try to send them a little link love. Those guys… Read More

  • Sony's $20 Million Ad Campaign

    Sony has launched an new ad campaign for its electronics that is quite a good deal more transparent than its much criticized PS3 ads. I actually kind of like it and not just because I like to see grown men bathing in sinks (but honestly, who doesn’t?). Brian Lam over at the Gizzer has noted an interesting correlation between this ad and a spoof video by the Pogue about a Sony AV… Read More

  • Access The NYTimes On Your Mobile Phone

    . How 19th century of him. You’ve got access to the NY Times on your 2-inch Sony Ericsson. You’re logging on and reading the Business, Sports, and Arts section via mobile.nytimes.com, when Mr. Old School is getting his fingers all dirty flipping the pages. Nope. You’re sittin’ pretty. Just have to wait a few seconds for this article to load. Ahh, there it is. No… Read More