• New NXE reduces size of Xbox 360 hard drive installs

    Clever users with the beta of the new Xbox 360 NXE-thing have noticed something: the size of game installs on the hard drive have decreased. So, good news for those of you with smaller hard drives. (I’m still kicking about with the old school 20GB hard drive. I soldier on.) Read More

  • This is what the Xbox 360's NXE used to look like

    We learned, not too long after the NXE‘s release last fall, that it had gone through several iterations before Microsoft, “There, that’s it!” Grid/plane, a design studio that helped Microsoft develop the NXE, has released a few screenshots of an early version of the NXE, some of which I’ve put here. Read More

  • Elitist numbers, figures show that NXE is doing quite well for Microsoft

    Major Nelson, the official mouthpiece of all things Xbox, has some numbers about the New Xbox Experience that might interest, like, 11 of you. There’s a tremendous amount of spin (“If LIVE were a U.S. city, it would be the largest city with over 14-million members. The equivalent of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago combined.” Only it’s not a city, so…)… Read More

  • Microsoft releases winter collection of clothing for your avatar

    I’m not at home to provide a screenshot of the first batch of DLC for your avatars, but I doubt anyone is thrilled over this announcement anyway. New items in the avatar editor are denoted by a gold star. Enjoy! Read More

  • Xbox 360 game install sizes

    Now that the NXE lets users install games onto the hard drive, space is premium cause these games aren’t small. Plus, the Xbox’s standard hard drive space for the majority of the past three years was a measly 20GB so you really should know how much space these games are going to take up. Full list after the jump. Read More

  • Halo 3 + NXE = Water + Oil

    Quick Version: Do not, I repeat, do not rip Halo 3 to your hard drive because it will load much slower than if you played it straight off the DVD drive. Halo 3 was also shipped before Microsoft gave the green light for this added feature in NXE, so Bungie was unable to implement it into the game. Long, extended technical answer: If you really, really want to know then hit the jump for an… Read More

  • How's the New Xbox Experience working out for you?

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_WqzKJ5FQ%5D Running into any problems or is everything smooth as butter? What are your overall thoughts on the UI redesign? NXE coverage on CrunchGear Read More

  • Sony's Columbia Picture flicks not available on NXE Netflix streaming

    Well what do we have here? Now that NXE is live for everyone, it seems that Columbia Pictures movies are not available for XBox Netflix streaming. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if the movie is going to be watchable on the Xbox streaming until it’s added to the queue which can be a royal pain in the ass. Quite frankly, this is lame and childish that these Sony-owned flicks are… Read More

  • What to do with the New Xbox Experience

    The New Xbox Experience is currently being pushed to all Xbox 360s. To celebrate (?) its launch, Major Nelson, the Xbox division’s chief of propaganda, has put together a snappy list of 10 things you need to “check out.” You know, create an Avatar (I shan’t be doing that), start a party (I shan’t be doing that), install some games to the hard drive (not worth my… Read More

  • Xbox Experience now available to preview participants

    Looks like the NXE is out for those who signed up for a preview account and Netflix has confirmed that there will be 300 HD titles in the new streaming system. Looks like Christmas came early! Instead of adding another 10,000 people to the preview program like we did last week, we’ve decided to do something a little different: everyone who successfully applied to the preview program… Read More

  • The NXE hard drive install only marginally improves game loading time

    A round of applause for Eurogamer, which did the thankless task of testing out the NXE‘s HDD Install option and comparing it to normal method of playing games off the DVD. Several games of all shapes and sizes were checked, including Gears of War 2 (or should I say Gears of Bore, yuck), GTA IV and Halo 3, and found that, on average, you’re likely to shave a few seconds off your… Read More

  • What happens if the Xbox 360 NXE causes RROD?

    Flickr’d You know the upcoming New Xbox Experience that has so many people excited for some reason? Turns out that Microsoft call centers are bracing themselves for NXE-induced red rings of death. So while you’re gaining a [fancy?] new user interface you may also be losing an Xbox 360. Fun! It’s like this: Microsoft is afraid that its Frankenstein of a machine may have… Read More

  • Microsoft cut ‘half’ of what it wanted to include in the NXE

    The New Xbox Experience comes out in just a few days (or you can illegally download the leak, doesn’t bother me one bit), but did you know that Microsoft “pulled a Longhorn” with it? That is to say, lots of things that were initially promised have not made the cut, primarily due to time restraints. Speaking to CVG, the head of Xbox Live in Europe, Jerry Johnson, said: Half… Read More

  • Don't download the leaked New Xbox Experience

    Lost in a flurry of caramel and processed sugar this weekend was news that the New Xbox Experience, also known as a user interface, has leaked online. The fancy, I guess, UI for the Xbox 360 can be found at the usual places—you know what they are. Keep in mind that it’s merely a beta, the same one that was handed out to a lucky few in recent days. Gee, I wonder where the leak… Read More

  • Review: The New Xbox Experience for Xbox 360

    A lot of things are riding on this UI redesign for Microsoft and the Xbox team, but more importantly it’s quelling the frustrations that many of us have had to deal with since the beginning of time. The blade interface was a good start, but it was frustrating at times and it certainly deterred me from perusing the Marketplace. Streaming via Netflix has been rumored for almost a year and… Read More

  • Xbox Live Primetime delayed till spring

    Announced at E3 along with the rest of NXE, Xbox Live Primetime sounded pretty gimmicky with “live” game shows, but it’s being held up to ensure that the rest of NXE rolls out smoothly. I’d be more inclined to believe such a statement, but it’s being delayed until the spring of ’09, which leads me to believe that it’s nowhere near ready for primetime. Read More

  • Major Nelson hints that NXE may be coming next week in some way, shape or form

    Major Nelson, doesn’t he look cool, is hinting that NXE may be coming as early as next week or this week (not sure), but it won’t be the full fledged update. It’s more than likely going to be a beta release or he’s just looking for page hits like Destructoid hints at. Either way, be sure to check out his blog for deets! Lame. via Destructoid Read More

  • NXE will only require 128MB of space, Microsoft to offer storage solutions for those less fortunate

    Fret not Xbox 360 owners for we will all be privy to NXE with nary a problem. Those nasty ‘facts’ from earlier in the week about you needing 256MB of free space weren’t exactly true. However, you may want to have more than 128MB to enjoy everything that NXE will offer. The New Xbox Experience will require 128MB of free space. A hard drive is recommended for the optimal… Read More

  • 360 Avatar customization needs 256MB card

    The upcoming NXE update will feature the controversial avatar feature (you know, the one that makes me barf), but you’ve got to have either a HDD or 256MB card installed to take advantage of it. If you’ve got one of those pansy 64MB cards or (shudder) a naked Core system, you’ll be SOL, my friends. Of course, if you’ve just got a Core, how likely is it that… Read More

  • New Xbox Experience launching November 19th

    NXE is launching in 24 countries on November 19th. Read about NXE here. Read More