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  • Daily Crunch: Wee Small Hours Edition

    Bombin’ And Taggin’ With Light
    Frank Sinatra To Host Sirius Show
    Second GTA IV Trailer: Yup, the Game Will Be Good
    Handle-It Begs You To Geek Out Your MacBooks
    The Great Outdoors: A Bright, Scary Place Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Whodunnit Edition

    Weiner Dog Accent Lamp
    MizPee: What It Sounds Like
    iRiver Mplayer: The Mickey Mouse DAP
    Baja Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike Review
    Parrot PARTY Portable Boom Box: Cue “Ain’t No Party” Jokes Read More

  • NYU Supports the Use of Old Ass Computers

    It’s not all touch screens, accelerometers and Google Maps today, my friends. I’m based at NYU’s Bobst library in order to be within shooting distance of the various Apple stores and AT&T stores for today’s festivities. Plus it’s air conditioned. But in my roaming around the library I found these old school computers. Not only have I never seen anything like… Read More

  • Verizon Goes Crazy and Upgrades Everything to EV-DO Rev. A

    Is iDay over yet? Soon enough we can all go back to our daily lives without having to hear about the biggest flop of all time ever again. If you’re on Verizon, then I feel sorry for you. But you’ll be happy to know that the “nation’s most reliable network” just got faster. Everyone in the country now has EV-DO Rev. A coverage, meaning you can now download… Read More

  • FTC Weary of Net Neutrality

    Say goodbye to Net Neutrality, folks. The FTC just released an NIE of sorts, detailing the whole history of Net Neutrality and why, ultimately, the agency does not support the concept. Yes, our glorious leaders in Washington have decided that it’s a good idea to let The Market decide what’s best for all of us. All bow before the Invisible Hand. The FTC came out against Net… Read More

  • CrunchBlotter: WWE Killer's Wikipedia Entry Updated Before Murder Discovered

    We’re filing this one under insane, creepy, interesting, telling, and WTF. You’ve possibly heard of the WWE murder/suicide of the week, featuring popular WWE superstar Chris Benoit and his family. Yah, it’s not gadgety, but it’s about Wikiepedia, and if you like, then you’ll love! Read More

  • Belkin Network USB Hub Review

    Today we take a look at Belkin’s new Network USB Hub which claims to be the most easily configured wireless USB hub on the market — you could probably also say it’s the only wireless USB hub on the market. Basically, Belkin’s software tricks your computer into thinking that it’s connected to a printer or peripheral directly while they are actually hooked up to… Read More

  • Helio UP Getting UPped at Midnight

    Helio users are lucky people. Besides not being nickel and dimed to death with extra charges that don’t actually cost the carriers anything, they get badass handsets like the Ocean that do pretty much everything, and rate plans that don’t leave them with self doubt in the morning. And things are about to get better. To be announced Monday, Helio is upgrading its Helio UP service. Read More

  • Sony VAIO WA1 Wireless Music Streamer

    I guess it’s wireless boom box Thursday here at The CG, what with Parrot’s PARTYand now the Sony VAIO WA1. This little guy works in tandem with your PC and/or Wi-Fi network to spread nothing but house music’s most memorable beats. Sony’s probably thinking that people don’t really want to listen to music on their computer’s crappy speakers nor do they want… Read More

  • Sound ID SM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

    With so many Bluetooth headsets around, I could see where it would be easy to dismiss the Sound ID SM100. The company’s more than likely unfamiliar to you — unlike Nokia, Plantronics, Motorola and Sony Ericsson that are everywhere — and family and friends probably will not have heard of them either. Hell, I didn’t know about them till a couple months ago. Also… Read More

  • Parrot PARTY Portable Boom Box: Cue "Ain't No Party" Jokes

    Bluetooth crazy Parrot showed off two new music playing widgets at the British Invasion-themed Pepcom trade show thing last night. Pictured above, the Parrot PARTY (yes, its name is in all caps; no, I don’t know why) is a small stereo boom box of sorts that hooks up to your A2DP-compatible cellphone or anything else that works with Bluetooth. Once paired with the device of your choosing… Read More

  • Pentax Announces Superfied K100D

    Pentax announced an update to their ever-popular K100D dSLR, which is a simple-to-use, entry-level model that even your mother could use. So what’s new with K100D Super? Building on rock solid features like the Shake Reduction system is a ground-breaking Dust Removal system commingling with SDM lenses. If that isn’t Super than I don’t know what is. Hmmm. How about the… Read More

  • Whaaaa??? Apple doesn't manufacture iPods?!

    “Who makes the Apple iPod? Here’s a hint: It is not Apple.” With those 12 words, University of California Berkeley-professor Hal Varian begins an excruciatingly detailed look at where each of the 451 parts that make up the iPod come from and how the countries that supply these parts figure into the United States’ trade deficit. I hate to ruin such a gripping plot line… Read More

  • Nielsen Now Tracks Your Cellphone Habits

    You may already be familiar with Nielsen, the company that tracks and monitors TV viewing habits. Only they don’t want to be known for just that anymore. No, they want a piece of that sweet, up and coming cellphone business. So it purchased a company—Telephia—in order to track and monitor cellphone use. With Telephia’s technology now its own, Nielsen will be able to… Read More

  • Five Nintendo Exclusives Coming From Midway

    I know the PS3 and Xbox 360 users are going to be crushed to find out that Midway will be making five of their hot hot upcoming games just for Nintendo systems. Two of the titles, Cruis’n and Game Party will be exclusive Wii titles, while Ultimate Mortal Kombat, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders and The Bee Game are for the Nintendo DS. See? You’re… Read More

  • Blu-ray Camp Cheats To Win The War

    It’s become perfectly clear how Blu-ray will squash HD DVD and win the ‘war.’ They’re going to be giving away five free movies as a promotion in Q3 when you purchase a Blu-ray player or PS3. I don’t think HD DVD can afford to let this one slide (though they ran a similar promotion a while back). They’ve got 60-90 days to turn things around or they’ll… Read More

  • For Your Refreshment: "The Nothing to Do With iPhone" Tag

    Tired of iPhone coverage? Want a safe haven? Click here to read stories with nothing to do with the iPhone. CrunchGear: Always Thinking of You, Our Dearest, Cutest, Little Reader. Read More

  • IT Ads Throughout History (OK, Just the 1980s)

    ComputerWorld has rounded up a number of old-timey computer ads touting $12K 80MB disk systems and some sort of new thing called E-Mail. “Your mailbox is the terminal on your desk. Punch a key and today’s correspondence and messages are displayed instantly.” Wow-mazing! It’s been years since I’ve really enjoyed a technology ad — probably not since the Viao… Read More

  • Hands On: Nikon D2Xs

    CG got a brief hands on with Nikon’s new, high end, DSLR at Digital Experience yesterday. This bad boy is going to run you about $4,600. Here are some of the key features in case you haven’t read up on it yet. – Continuous shooting at 5fps at 12.4 megapixels, 8fps at 6.8 megapixels
    – Image sensor with 12.4 effective megapixels
    – 11-area auto focus system
    Read More