FTC Weary of Net Neutrality


Say goodbye to Net Neutrality, folks. The FTC just released an NIE of sorts, detailing the whole history of Net Neutrality and why, ultimately, the agency does not support the concept. Yes, our glorious leaders in Washington have decided that it’s a good idea to let The Market decide what’s best for all of us. All bow before the Invisible Hand.

The FTC came out against Net Neutrality because:

Policy makers should be wary of enacting regulation solely to prevent prospective harm to consumer welfare, particularly given the indeterminate effects on such welfare of potential conduct by broadband providers and the law enforcement structures that already exist

This report isn’t law or anything, but it’s kinda lame to see our officials genuflect before the Almighty Telecos. I wonder if it has anything to do with how much money the industry gives to Congress. Nah, couldn’t be.

FTC Nixes Net Neutrality [Consumer Affairs via Digg]