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  • Apple Explores Bone Conducting, Noise Cancelling EarPod Design

    Apple Explores Bone Conducting, Noise Cancelling EarPod Design

    Apple has a new patent application (via AppleInsider) that describes incorporating bone conduction tech into its EarPods, as well as packing them with sensors for better noise cancellation. The sensors include accelerometers to detect vibration in a wearer’s skull while they’re talking, and is able to then identify speech and filter out other ambient noises that classify as non-vocal. Read More

  • Noise cancelling headphones without electronics? I'll believe it when I hear it

    ZEM headphones are a new product created by an audio researcher, who claims to have come up with a noise cancellation technique that doesn’t require specialized electronics in order to work. This makes the headphones lighter and cheaper, but sometimes products like this oversell and under deliver. Read More

  • Genius announces bargain noise cancelling headphones

    Genius announced today that they are releasing a new, reasonably priced, noise cancelling headphone. The GHP-04NC (say that three times fast) launched today, and promises to cancel out background noise using a “superposition principle”. Priced at just $49.99, if they work as advertised they would be ideal for the person flying coach. Read More