Ninja Star Coat Hook strikes a death blow to clutter

<img src="" alt="ninja" />The path of the Ninja is a deadly one, my friends. It's also relatively clean. They don't

Video: Damien Walters flails about in Ninja-like wonderment

Yow. When I first saw the above video I was like, “Who the hell’s been following me around on the weekends and filming me?” Then I was like, “Oh, that’s not me. It’

Pirates versus Ninjas mobile for baby's crib

<img src="">While the Pirates versus Ninjas debate has been well-documented, in the interest of good parenting perhaps you

An unbiased analysis of pirates versus ninjas

Today, December 5th, is the annual Day of the Ninja, according to Google (and ninjas everywhere). While I’m personally familiar with the concepts of both ninjas and pirates, I must admit that I’ve

The Beijing Olympics are a trap Beijing Olympics: Are They A Trap? We asked Peter Ha what this was all about and he smiled wryly and winked, inscrutab

Two Boston-area magicians involved in bar brawl, each sustains massive loss of hit points

Straight out of my neck of the woods here in the Boston area, the Cambridge Chronicle is reporting that two magicians “conjured up a bar brawl” this past weekend. Apparently one magician went into

CrunchArcade: Top Ten Video Game Ninjas

For as long as ninjas have existed, kids (and secretly adults) have been pretending to be them. I personally was a ninja for Halloween three years running. But because not all of us are sneaky and mur

Ninja Gaiden for DS shuriken make people excited

I’ll start off by half-apologizing for that headline but these Ninja Gaiden games don’t come out all that often so I gotta strike while the iron’s hot. Anyhoo, ‘Ninja Gaiden: D

The Pirate Bay does that European thing to the IFPI where you flick your two front teeth with your thumb

The IFPI (basically the worldwide RIAA) must have been riding high when it got Denmark’s Tele2 ISP to block access to The Pirate Bay. However, according to the Pirate Bay blog, traffic is up abo