• Sony Announces NGP/Vita Will Be Back-Compatible With All PSP Games

    Sony’s NGP, or “Vita” if the leaks are accurate, just went up a notch in my opinion. Although I still feel that it’s never going to make the splash that “lighter” game systems will make (an issue the 3DS shares to some extent), they seem to be doing this one right at least. They’ve just announced that the NGP will be backwards-compatible with all… Read More

  • Sony Says The NGP/PSP2 Won't Be Delayed (But Rather Arrive This Year)

    Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Sony is considering pushing back the release of the NGP, aka the PSP2 (we followed up right after the report was published). As a reason for the possible delay, Jack Tretton (president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America) was quoted as saying his company is seeing production problems. Read More

  • Sony's NGP/PSP2 May Only Hit One Region In 2011

    One of the many side effects of the catastrophic quake and tsunami that hit Japan last month (you can still donate) was an interruption of the normal operations of tech manufacturers. With schedules put off by months and factories disrupted and possibly damaged, high-profile projects like Sony’s NGP, AKA the PSP2, are at risk of being delayed. SCEA President Jack Tretton said recently… Read More

  • Sony Pushing Music Unlimited Onto The PSP, Xperia Play, NGP

    Sony’s Qriocity Music Unlimited will find its way onto Sony’s major mobile devices by the end of the year. The company is seeking to offer a comprehensive solution that allows users to enjoy content on home entertainment products, computers, and mobile devices through one subscription service. Music Unlimited is currently on the PS3 and several Bravia TVs and Sony Blu-ray players. Read More

  • Panasonic Cancels The Jungle Gaming System, Act Surprised

    The official word from Panasonic is that “changes in the market and in our own strategic direction” caused the cancelation of the Jungle gaming system. In other words, Panny suits finally came to their senses and decided it’s a bit too late in the game to bring a whole new platform to market. With Sony rolling out the powerhouse NGP handheld and Nintendo moving towards 3D… Read More

  • Sony Cut "Cool" Features From PSP2 To Lower Price

    The PSP2 debuted with laundry list of features, but according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s president, Shuhei Yoshida, some of the “cool” elements had to be removed to keep prices low. “I can’t talk about a definitive price at this stage. But since the very beginning we had a target in mind. So, when considering various features, we always had our price range… Read More

  • John Carmack: Thanks To Low Level APIs, Sony NGP Should Be A ‘Generation’ Ahead Of Smartphones At Launch

    John Carmack, the man behind Doom and Quake, appears to be a bit of a Sony NGP fan. That shouldn’t come as a shock to close followers of id Software, which has very much embraced mobile gaming, particularly of the iPhone variety. Shortly after Sony’s big reveal, he tweeted: “Low level APIs will allow the Sony NGP to perform about a generation beyond smart phones with… Read More

  • Sony Unveils The PSP2

    As previously reported, Sony just unveiled a PSP successor, codenamed “Next Generation Portable”, at an event in Tokyo. The biggest bullet point here is that Sony claims the portable system is as powerful as the PS3, which means it will be supposedly able to produce “PS3-like graphics”. Sony did show the hardware up and running. Read More