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  • All 160 Million Users Now Have New Twitter — Old Site Dying In A Few Weeks

    Almost exactly one month ago, Twitter unveiled a completely redesigned and re-engineered version of their service, which they called “New Twitter”. While it started rolling out that day to some users, Twitter was quick to note that it would be weeks before everyone got it. Sure enough, today, four weeks later, now everyone has it. Twitter made the announcement on their blog… Read More

  • New Twitter Is About 50 Percent Rolled Out — Where's The Facebook-Style Backlash?

    New Twitter Is About 50 Percent Rolled Out — Where's The Facebook-Style Backlash?

    I’d like to believe that if Facebook changed the order of “Developers” and “Careers” in the footer of their site, it wouldn’t lead to a huge user backlash. But history suggests otherwise. Okay, maybe I’m slightly exaggerating, but I’m honestly not sure. It seems that if Facebook does anything to change their site, it’s grounds for user… Read More

  • Waiting For The New Twitter? Get A DM When You're Eligible

    If you’re like me you don’t have the new Twitter yet (Wow, talk about a gradual roll out fail. Hey dudes, I work for TechCrunch remember!). So what’s a girl to do other than stay up all night crying and manually refreshing until she gets a taste of that sweet sweet bifurcated screen? Well, there’s, yes, a Twitter app for that. For those of us that are still… Read More

  • The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter

    The Best Subtle Things About New Twitter

    So, the new version of is upon us — well, some of us anyway (it’s in the process of a gradual roll-out right now that will likely last over the next couple of weeks). Everyone at Twitter I spoke with today agreed that this is the single biggest change they’ve ever made to the site since its initial launch. That’s going to rub some people the wrong way… Read More