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With iOS 6 Integration, Facebook Set To Accelerate Mobile Success

If Passbook is the secret payload in iOS 6 like I suspect it will be, Facebook integration is the more obvious time bomb. Apple has proven in the past that putting social networks deeply into its prod

Apple’s iOS 6 Available September 19: Facebook, Maps, Passbook, Photo Sharing, Siri And More

Apple first previewed iOS 6 back in June at WWDC, but today it showed off the shipping product in detail. It arrives September 19 as a free update. In the intervening time you may have forgotten wh

Apple Officially Reveals The iPhone 5: LTE, 4-Inch Retina Display, New A6 Chip, Lighter Than iPhone 4S

And just like that, months and months of breathless speculation have finally come to an end. Apple’s Phil Schiller has just officially announced the new iPhone 5 at the company’s massive press eve

iOS App Store Boasts 700K Apps, 90% Downloaded Every Month

As usual, Apple took time today in the spotlight to talk about how awesome it is. Since this is a mobile-focused event, that's the angle they chose to highlight, and the numbers around iPhone and iPad

Purported Redesigned Apple Earbuds Leaked In Vietnam

While rumors of the new iPhone have been rampant for most of the summer, not much has been leaked about accessories other than a purported new cable. That is until now. Vietnamese tech blog,

This Video Pits Parts From The New iPhone Against The iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III

The new iPhone is coming and this video by <a target="_blank" href="">SmartPhoneMedic</a> provides the best look at the changes yet. Ignore the cheesy intro; the video is le